Military Clean guarantees your home will be noticeably show-quality clean, sure to be envied. Our cleaning specialists are all Honorably Discharged service Veterans who have thousands of hours of cleaning experience, trained in the long standing tradition of the Military's white glove inspection test. You can count on precision, thoroughness and respect.

Military Clean will ensure your home looks and feels its best by providing you with the outstanding cleanliness you deserve and the new home feeling you want. Call us now to experience the Military Clean white glove difference for yourself:

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Our Guarantee to You:

  • Drill Instructor Trained. White Glove Inspection Ready because we insist on perfection - We give you the white glove to see for yourself, let us know if everything is perfect.
  • Each employee has passed an in-depth background check and rigorous cleaning and methods training.
  • Military Clean is a friendly and reliable network of highly skilled domestic professionals, all honorably discharged service veterans.

Licensed • Bonded • Insured